The Social For Inclusion association acts against exclusion and social marginality. It promotes and implements rights education activities and gives rise to numerous synergies with other social organizations dealing with social hardship present on the national and international territory. It carries out prevention activities through educational, educational, training and intervention paths against all forms of discrimination, with particular attention to gender-based violence.

We are a charity organization. Our activities are taken place around the world. See Our Causes and Our Projects:
Progetto seta donne


Empathy plays a central role in prosocial behavior as ability to perceive and feel the needs of others. It promotes empathy, cooperation and altruism in society with school courses to prevent bullying. To pursue this goal the association aims to spread a new social empathic sense as a form of altruism and inclusion in society.In collaboration with the association "La Tazza Blu".



The Social For Inclusion association carries out activities and laboratories for the prevention and intervention of gender-based violence. The Silk Project represents an important path for women victims of violence because it is an experience of transformation of their identity and role in society. In collaboration with the artist Eugenio Saint Pierre



The Social For Inclusion association has founded the craft workshop of silk costume jewelery for the social and work inclusion of women victims of exclusion and social hardship. This project is in collaboration with the Outsider association of Turin, with the artistic handicraft collaboration by Luca Perrino and photographic art by 24per 36, Rocchina Stoppelli.